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Keep your shoulders an dneck warm with this stylish tapered mini shawl. A nice wide middle comfortably covers your shoulders and back while the tapered ends drape over your shoulders or wrap it around and wear it as a chunky snuggly scarf. Handmade and crafted out of an wool acrylic blend fiber. The geometric print adds a little statement and flair. The dark blue is broken with flecks of cream and the off white is charmed with flecks of grey.


Shawl measures 69" (175.2 cm) from tip to tip (excluding tassles). The Widest point measures 10" (25.4 cm).

The materials are wool and acrylic blended fiber.

Tapered and Tasseled Mini Shawl Wool Synthetic

  • To keep your item looking as nice as possible for as long as possible, hand wash your item in cool water with a mild detergent and lie flat to dry if possible. This is however superwash wool, meaning it can go into a washer and dryer if that is your preferred cleaning method.